Responsible Tourism Policy

Vision, Mission and Values

Sustainable tourism

Porta Azul is aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable tourism development, and assuming the principles specifically adopted in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Porta Azul is committed to carrying out a sustainable management of its activities, by adopting targeted commitments to prevent, eliminate or reduce the impact of our facilities and activities, both internal and external, as well as optimize the sustainability of the establishment by improving its behavior towards the environment.

For this purpose, Porta Azul has adopted the following responsible tourism policy, in which it undertakes to comply with the requirements established in the Biosphere Hotel framework, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by the tourist activity.


Be a national reference Guest House, provide excellent service and provide the perfect comfort for our guests to feel at home.


Design, build and manage the hotel / lodging brand guaranteeing a quality service, which translates into proximity to our guests, the friendliness and hospitality of our employees, as well as the use of products of excellence.

Always value the principles of sustainability in social, economic and environmental terms.

Promote the northern region, namely the Port, as an appealing, modern and historic destination.


The values for which we are governed are as follows:

  • Excellence,
  • Differentiation,
  • Sustainability,
  • Responsibility,
  • Creativity,
  • Hospitality,
  • Team,
  • Loyalty,
  • Fun,
  • Respect and appreciation for the heritage and local community

The Responsible Tourism Policy is active so whenever circumstances require it, it will be updated by adopting and publishing new sustainability objectives.

A house of sharing.

We want those who visit us to feel, at the very least, that they are at home away from home.