About us


Comfort in the heart of the City.

A house of sharing.

Traveling to wonderful destinations should without exception give us positive memories. Travelling is like getting a tattoo, it is something that lasts a lifetime, forever part of us.
Therefore, it is essential that all memories imprinted on our mind should leave us with a smile from ear to ear.
People are important, so is travel, by traveling we creat life experiences. The places that we visit stay in our memories and the people and friends that we make and with whom we share these travels, will remain in our hearts.
We want those who visit us to feel, at the very least, that they are at a home away from home.

The House

Porta Azul occupies a typical house of Porto’s bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century. It stands out for its bare stone walls covered with relief patterned tiles, where the colour and brightness of the sun’s reflection on the glaze of the tiles cheerfully combines with the dark and sombre tone of the granite. This style of house began to be built by the Portuguese returning from Brazil following the country’s independence in 1822, they came prepared to invest their fortunes and to socially assert themselves as part of the bourgeois elite. In the comfortable interior, of intelligent and sober luxury, the highlights are the stuccoed ceilings, the enhanced stained glass, the palatial layout of the house’s divisions and the central staircase illuminated by a magnificent skylight.

The garden

The Porta Azul has a magnificent Garden, complete with bar, terrace, spectacular sun exposure and is ideal for relaxing and pleasant moments. It’s one of our living rooms. We honour in the poem below the trees loaded with beautiful Camellias. In the comfortable interior, smart and sober luxury, stand out the high stucco ceilings, the stained glass windows, the palatial layout of the rooms and the central staircase which is illuminated by a magnificent skylight.


António Ramos Rosa

What the trees try to say
in its slow silence and its vague rumours,
the sense they have in the place where they are,
reverence, resonance, transparency
and the light and somber accents of an aerial phrase.
And the shadows and the leaves are the innocence of an idea
that between water and space has become a light
Under the magical breath of light are transparent boats.
I do not know if it’s the air if it’s the blood that comes from its branches.
I hear the fine foam of their green throats.
I’m not, I’ll never be far from this pure water.
and of these ancient lamps of obscure islands.
What pure serenity of memory, what horizons
around the silent pit! It’s a corner in a sleep
and the wind and the light are the breath of a child
who on a tree branch embraces the world.

A house of sharing.

We want those who visit us to feel, at the very least, that they are at home away from home.