Douro Valley

In the Douro Valley you will have the opportunity of merge into lush green valleys in as an exceptional wine region.

In the company of a winemaker you choose, we’ll dive into a comprehensive guided tasting, followed by a wine region, the Douro Valley, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal. You tip you to go from Porto to Sabrosa, then to Pinhão and then from Pinhão to Ervedosa do Douro, along two of the most beautiful mountains in the Douro Valley .Places of calm, of beauty, with the views of the Douro River, and 2,000 years of winemaking history. During your visit you can have diferente tasting experiences, some farms are more familiar and other`s in the most modern Style winerys of the World.

In all of them you will taste top wines from different farms from Douro Valley and talk with the about wine and the process of making wine, from the traditional methodes to the more modern ones. You can also have a picturesque lunch or more gourmet style, on the top restaurants in the Douro Valley. Tasting & Menu ´s based on many traditional dishes and wines. 


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