The Garden

Relaxing moments

Our Garden

Comfort in the heart of the city..

The Blue Door has a magnificent garden, with bar, terrace, spectacular sunshine and ideal for relaxing and pleasurable moments. It's one of our living rooms. We honor the poem below the trees laden with beautiful camellias.


The Trees

The Trees,
What try to say the trees,
slow in its silence and its vague rumors,
the meaning they have in place where they are,
reverence, resonance, transparency
and light and dark accents of an air line.
And the shadows and leaves are the innocence of an idea
between water and that the space has a slight integrity.
Under the magic breath of light are transparent boats.
I do not know if the air is the blood that flows from their branches.
I hear the thin foam green their throats.
I'm not, I'll never be away from this pure water
and these ancient lamps obscure islands.
That pure serenity of memory, which horizons
around quite well! It is a corner in sleep
and the wind and the light are the breath of a child
what about a tree branch embraces the world.

António Ramos Rosa

Monuments to visit:

Porto´s Monuments.

We highly reccommend a visit to the following monuments:

  • Catedral da Sé
  • Torre dos Clérigos
  • Igreja São Francisco
  • Estação de São Bento
  • Palácio da Bolsa

Museums to visit:

The City´s Museums.

Take a walk around town and visit some of these museums:

  • Museu Romântico
  • Museu dos Soares do Reis
  • Museu do Vinho do Porto
  • Museu do Carro Eléctrico

Modern Porto:

The Modern City.

Porto has a lot of new place to see. We recommend these:

  • Casa da Música
  • Museu de Serralves
  • Sea Life


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